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About Me


Hello! I'm Charlotte Walker, welcome to Walker Round the World! Whether you stopped by because of familiarity or curiosity, I'm happy you did! So let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas, and have lived there my entire life. I am blessed with a wonderful mom and dad and two older siblings. So yes, I'm the lucky baby of the bunch. My sister, Callie, is the oldest and my brother, Reynolds, sits in the middle. I attended a private school in Boerne up until this year, when I decided to take the road less traveled and set off on a high school year abroad. I am traveling through Western Europe and the U.K. alongside my friend and mom, until May. You can read more about the logistics and how this came about, in the Geneva Quarterly:

Join me as I attempt to break the mold of the American teenagers'

"cult of the average" lifestyle, traveling the world and sharing my thoughts and adventures!
















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